Covid-19: We offer face-to-face, video or telephone consultations to keep you on track.

To book your session today get in contact using one of the methods below:

CORONAVIRUS: Video Consultations Offered…..

Rolling and moving with the latest Government and profession information, the physiotherapy service here at North East Physio continues to offer you support through this Covid-19 challenge and journey. If you require, new/ Initial assessments can be performed via video or telephone format. However, face to face sessions are being carried out where deemed low risk and necessary to help improve understanding and outcomes and/or avoid unnecessary admittance to hospital.

A ‘remote physiotherapy consultation’ i.e. video or telephone assessment will include the normal question/ history taking aspect of the assessment just as it would be with a face to face session. Adding the video element, as supposed to a telephone only session, allows the physiotherapist to have a look at your movement patterns and run through and observe some tests thus adding a little extra information to help give tailored advice to you.

Price Structure:

  • a Video call can be offered containing assessment with visual guidance and include demonstrations of advice and exercises (£30) – 40-45mins
  • a Telephone assessment with advice and guidance and exercises  (£25) – Approx 30-40 minutes

Please call the clinic and speak to Edd to arrange an appointment for a date and time to suit you by either ‘remote’ or face to face format and I can assess and advise to help keep you fit, healthy and happy during this stretch of ‘Social Distancing’.

Most importantly though….look after yourself and make healthy decisions based on the latest Government/ Public health advice. Find something you enjoy and keep active wherever you can safely at home, in your garden and out in open space. Tip…..Remember to try and avoid jumping into new activity and exercises too quickly as your body may kick back with niggles and aches in physiological revolt!!!….

Warm regards,

Edd Shaw

Principal Physiotherapist