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I am a physiotherapist with over twenty two years qualification, specialised in the field of assessing and treating muscle, joint, nerve and connective tissue conditions.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and find the human body incredibly fascinating and have become deeply engrossed in the task of helping diagnose and aid those of us who suffer with musculo-skeletal pains. I have a particular keen interest in scoliosis rehabilitation, surgical scar tissue and massage related techniques.


My personal and professional goal in developing North East Physio is to provide a personal physiotherapy service with accessibility and affordability at the heart of its existance. See the ‘prices’ section for current offers/ concessions.

You can be assured that you will be listened to here at North East Physio where time is taken to assess and understand your needs.


Through my career thus far I have worked within the Private Sector, NHS, Occupational Health and Voluntary Sector developing and specialising my skills working with consultants in many departments. I have cared for individuals from within elite level sports participation to those just getting started. I have also enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding year as a volunteer in Papua New Guinea helping develop and organise a sustainable wheelchair service capable of reaching the more isolated people with disabilities in rural areas.

My spare time is wonderfully absorbed with spending time with family and with my passion in playing music – Samba band and playing guitar/ songwriting.

Professional Qualifications

BSc (HONS) Physiotherapy