Covid-19: We offer face-to-face, video or telephone consultations to keep you on track.

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Are you suffering from:

  • back pain, whiplash injury or a sprained ankle,
  • have been diagnosed with arthritis,
  • or maybe you have pain and restriction due to scar tissue from past surgery or a sports injury

NORTH EAST PHYSIO can provide you with a focused and specific service for all such situations and much more...


Your tailored physiotherapy sessions could include such treatments in combination:

  • Advice/ Education
  • Soft Tissue Massage Techniques
  • Manipulation Techniques
  • Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Myofascial Release/ Connective Tissue Manipulation
  • Electrotherapy – Ultrasound/ TNS
  • Core Stability/ Postural Advice and Exercises
  • Balance/ Proprioceptive Progressional Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific and Functional Specific Rehabilitation
  • Gait Re-education
  • Relaxation Training
  • Scoliosis-Specific Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Massage Treatments

  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage
  • Relaxation/ Swedish Massage
  • Surgical Scar Massage

Occupational Health / Work Based Physiotherapy

  • Advanced Work Station Assessments
  • Employee Physiotherapy Support and Line Manager Report writing